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Disc GangsDisc Gang

Good for cutting through plant residue, renovating strawberries or soil with large rocks. Available with notched or smooth blades.


Finger CultivatorsFinger Cultivator

The finger weeders are used in a pair and fit into the clamps that normally hold the coil tines. The colored fingers are flexible and are ground driven by metal tines that engage the soil. The fingers give the ability to cultivate close to plants without much risk of uprooting the crop.

To see Finger Cultivators and other attachments in use watch the following video.

Hillside Cultivator with Attachments


Center Mount BracketsClamp on Spider Mounts

These brackets clamp on to the center of either the CS or NH model to add cultivating implements for doing two rows.


Front Mount S-TinesS-Tines

A set of S-Tines can be mounted in place of the front rolling cultivators. We have found this to be a useful for moving strawberry runners into the row in a first year field. The S-tines push runners to the side rather than cutting them off.

Rolling Cultivator Mount with Round Bar593

These mounts can be used to retrofit an existing cultivator with rolling spider or disc gangs. Some older cultivator tractors use clamps that accept a round bar.

Single Spider on Round Bar MountSingle Spider

Another option for retrofitting an existing cultivator is the single spider with a round bar mount. These can be easily mounted to a cultivator tractor with round bar clamps and used along the edges of plants. The single spider is mounted on a bearing so it rolls in the soil.

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