Model NH

Non-Hydraulic Cultivator Model NH (Manually Adjusted Toolbar)

This is a fully adjustable cultivator which removes weeds through the very effective work of rolling cultivator gangs and coil tines.

Model NH

The ground driven rolling cultivators uproot all the weeds in their path and can be used where plant debris is present in the field.

Two Row Setup

The NH and CS Models can both accommodate a pair of cultivators mounted to the middle of the frame to make a two row cultivating unit.

Hillside Cultivator 2 Row, NH

Model NH in two row configuration.


Detail of adjustable spider gang

  • Row Width: The clamps which hold the cultivators to the tool bar may be positioned to a variety of locations depending on the size of the crop to be cultivated or the width of the bed. There is also lateral adjustment available where the cultivator gang attaches to the mounting plate.
  • Cultivator Gang Angle: The round mounting plate for the rolling cultivators is slotted to allow for angle adjustment. The more angle is on the rolling cultivators the more aggressive they are and more soil is moved.
  • Cultivator Gang Pitch: The rolling cultivators are mounted on arms that pivot and are secured by a pin indexing in a series of holes. The pitch can be quickly adjusted without tools. This is a very important feature for creating ridges  or working existing ridges and raised beds.


  • Cultivating Strawberries
  • Potatoes
  • Vegetables
  • Nursery Plants
  • Cultivating Raised Beds or Ridges

Operators Manual: Operators Manual Model NH

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*U.S. Patent 6,935,435

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