Eco Weeder

Hillside Cultivator is a licensed dealer for the Eco Weeder.

This is an excellent cultivating tool for removing the weeds between the plants in a row.  The Eco Weeder is a 3-point hitch, power take-off (PTO) driven tractor-mounted cultivator.

Eco Weeder with Operator

The PTO vertical tines remove weeds from between and around the plants.  An operator rides on the seat and uses the handles to control the power-driven tines. The Eco Weeder can also be used without an operator with the handles secured into place with a cross bar.

Eco Weeder with Operator

The vast majority of weeds around the plants can be removed with this implement without the need for hoes or hand-weeding.

We use this successfully at the Shenk’s Berry Farm for the removal of weeds around strawberry plants. All photos are from uses at Shenk’s Berry Farm.

Demulching Matted Row Strawberries

With the handles bolted in position and demulching tines installed the Eco Weeder can be used to remove straw cover in the spring.

Removing Straw from berries without an Operator

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  1. Brian says:

    I have had the opportunity use the Eco Weeder and it is a very effective and environmentally friendly option for knocking the weeds before they can take over with spraying. The Eco Weeder allowed us to not only get the weeds in between the rows but also between the plants. It was also quick and easy to put on and take off the tractor.

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